About High Rhodes

About High Rodes Property GroupEstablished in 2007, High Rhodes concentrates on a limited number of real estate opportunities where extensive experience, creative vision, focused strategy, and exceptional operating skills generate significant value. Operating in accordance with our distinctive Core Values and Performance Standards, we endeavor to be a compelling provider of real estate services and investment opportunities for a select group of sophisticated clients.


To make a significant impact through delivery of the highest quality real estate practices for our investors and partners, our tenants and guests, and the communities where we invest.

Core Values:

  • Uncompromised Integrity
  • Aligned Interests and Transparent Relationships
  • Fair and Generous Practices
  • High Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Creativity and a Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  • Thorough Enjoyment in all we do

Performance Standards:

  1. We pursue only those opportunities where our interests are directly aligned with our clients'
  2. We seek to establish long term strategic relationships with people and companies who share our vision and operating values
  3. We endeavor to significantly impact results through creativity and hard work
  4. We aspire to improve our communities through personal involvement and the intentional adoption of sustainable practices
  5. We know that success is attained by teams and are honored to share and reinvest with those who achieve with us
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